I'm about 5 months along - might be 4, I'm not positive - and I've been having a lot of sweet cravings! Fruit with whipped cream totally satisfies but I'm just wondering what other pregos would have to satisfy cravings while pregnant! I'm very curious!
I'm wondering if taking care of a toddler is making my body want more carbs for the quick energy boost too. Either way, banana with whipped cream&cinnamon is frickin uhMAZING and my son only likes eating what I'm eating lol so he loves it too! I'm pretty sure he'd eat more nanners than a monkey if I'd let him!
If I haven't stayed the same weight since getting pregnant, then I've lost weight. I feel slimmer, and I really think my thyroid medicine has helped with that but I eat what I want when I want and most of the time I don't feel guilty about it. I DO feel guilty about not having the energy to exercise like I want to lately but I'm hoping it's just because my body's making more blood&that's what's making me so tired - been craving BURGERS all of the time!!
Just put little man to bed and boy does it feel good to have quiet lol