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Thread: Hospital Food

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    Hospital Food

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    Hi everyone, lately I've been thinking about starting a project to improve hospital food for patients and employees within the hospital. I wanted to do this since I heard about a co-worker who was celiac and all she could eat were salads at this local health food store around the hospital. Unfortunately, those salads would be all sold before 5pm, and she would have to resort to the local Tim Horton's food at the hospital.
    Does anyone have experience on this topic? It pains me to see patients eating more sugar post surgery. As for employees, the hospital does reward groups of employees that follow healthy lifestyle habits, but these rewards are mostly based on conventional wisdom.

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    It would be pretty hard to make something happen at the official level, because what you'd promote does not jive with the CW view - which is what the hospital's dietitians preach. I do think that you could achieve the goal of adding some gluten-free and/or lactose-free food options to the hospital cafeteria, but I wouldn't hold your breath that they will start cooking in bacon grease or using coconut oil-based dressings for their salads.

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    It's an uphill climb. I doubt it will be easy at all to get people around to the idea that eating more meat is good for you. CW is pretty ingrained, and the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
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    The morning after my surgery this past August they served me pancakes, oatmeal, 2 small sausages, OJ, milk, coffee. I cried. My nurse was appalled as well.

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    Ah, good luck on that one! If they receive Federal funding they probably have to comply with Michele Obama's new food pyramid. I have to say, though, that our local hospital is apparently *the* place to go for Thanksgiving dinner!

    With all of the gluten free people, I am surprised the hospitals don't have better GF options. They certainly have the fat-free, bland, nutrient-poor thing down.

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    I think a start would be more fruit and vegetables.

    I visited my dad at a nursing facility and while he gets a feeding tube, his roommate got the meal of the day- a bit of roast beef on a bun with french fries. Not a vegetable on the plate. It's pretty universal that fruit and vegetables get the love and it is surprising to see them excluded.....
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