My name is Christina. I was at one of the primal seminars backin April, I think it was April. I didn't follow through, however I did complete a whole 30 at the end of September and have been primal since. I have a big problem with sugar. Since going primal, I really have not had much processed food, except maybe on 2 occasions. I have had some dark chocolate, cocau covered almond, a primal approved dessert and some almond butter. Every time I have one of these things, I want them every night. I end upmeating them every night. It is such a terrible battle in my mind. I had 2 terrible pregnancies ( very much weight was gained) over the past 4 years and literally was addicted to sugar... Cookies, chocolate, etc. Now that I have allowed myself some, I am having the hardest time stopping. Do you have any advice on how often one should indulge in dark chocolate, almond butter, etc? I still have so much body fat I need to take off and I know with the added sugar it will probably not go???

I have another question; I have been eating primal and definitely lost several inches I am sure, but still have body fat everywhere... I have yet to really start working out. What needs to be eliminated and or done to get me where I really want to be? I want to be lean and healthy, not how I am now... No muscle but still lots of fat. Please any advice would help.