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Thread: Dumbells vs Barbell

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    Barbell, get a squat rack with pegs, if the weight gets heavy it just comes down on the pegs, I was squating 355 and i stalled and just controlled and lowered the weight down onto the pegs

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    barbell for compound movements, but dumbells still have their place and shit, even a cable is nice sometimes (i love you Rip, but get over it). and definitely add the pull-ups.

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    For a while when I first started Paleo/Primal I gave up weights and just ran over to a park and worked out at the kids play ground, doing pullups, pushups, handstand pushups, various forms of situps, burpees and body weight squats. Also did some interval training at the high school track. Got great results. Then for a while I worked out with Kettle Bells, the variety of squats, cleans etc can give you an incredibly intense workout plus I added repeats on a long series of uphill steps and again I got great results, Recently I have gone back to the gym and started lifting with both DBs and BBs plus sprints and 3 to 5 mile runs. I like to vary it up, if I was just working out at home with limited space I would have a pullup bar and kettle bells.

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