I discovered hot pot (shabu shabu in Japanese) while living in Japan a few years ago and I recently took notice that if you don't use noodles, it's totally paleo! See if there's an Asian restaurant in your town offering hot pot - they are often all-you-can-eat, too, which is awesome - or make your own!

Basically, for legit hot pot, you'll need a hot plate and a big pot that's not too tall; fill it up with broth and let the broth simmer while dipping veggies and meats in the pot with chopsticks or a skimmer for a minute or two.

Make a savory broth using whatever seasonings your little heart desires - last night, I used bone broth, to which I added 2 chicken bouillon cubes, sriracha sauce, and fish sauce. Then pick up a bunch of greens, seafood, and thinly sliced frozen meats (available in Asian grocery stores). The meat has to be cut thinly enough that it will cook through in a matter of a minute in boiling water/broth.

For example, last night we picked up some gai lan, red spinach, bok choy, enoki and shiitake mushrooms, some other exotic mushrooms that I don't remember the name of, and then for meats, we picked up frozen oysters, chicken stew meat, lamb shoulder, beef chuck, and pork belly. I also got some extra-firm tofu (not primal). Delicious and healthy!

Not my meal, but just a picture of how delicious hot pot looks: