Hi everyone! Feel free to call me Tindy, it's a nickname, an unusual one at that. I'm a college student.

I went modified primal diet this summer combined with lots of weightlifting, lost about 7 pounds and felt generally good. Then I dislocated my knee cap (I have a history of knee problems) and went back to eating SAD.

I'm not recovered by any means but since I cannot work out, I've decided to try eating primal again to lose my extra 15 pounds I've carried around for a few years + feel healthier. It's going to be challenging as I'm still eating on a college meal plan but I plan to supplement it by buying my own food and eating a modified primal diet.

I'm also vegetarian so all odds are against me in making this work but I AM determined!

These will be my staples:
-eggs (lots of them)
-heavy cream (yum, I could drink this stuff i love it so much)

I'm going to be drinking protein shakes (whole milk, Muscle Milk powder, ice, and half a banana is what I use) to get enough protein.

I'll do my best, it certainly won't be perfect. I'm trying to find raw full fat dairy somewhere near my college, better eggs, and once I finish my thing of Muscle Milk maybe a better protein powder, and unsalted nuts next time (I've got a huge thing of salted ones for now that I have to finish).

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Here is a look at what I had yesterday:

Chai tea with half & half + a little honey
2 egg omelet with cheese
another mug of tea with h&h
a protein shake for dinner