So far, my family and friends have been very supportive of my going Primal. It's only been a little over 2 months, and I'm starting to get the "wow, you're WEEEEEEEEEEEIRD" treatment from a few.

I'm sorry, but I lived on fast food for years. Not only do I know realize what's IN that food, I've over done it and am just plain sick of it. Eat nothing but garbage burgers for 3 years, then eat real food for 2 months and then see which one sounds better...

I used to hate to cook or spend ANY time in the kitchen. Now, I love it. I find baking without grains or sugar to be a challenge and a super fun one, and I'm very proud of the fact I can make a kick-ass batch of cookies without using SAD stuff.

People seemed to think it was a really great idea when I decided "I'm going to cut out grains and sugar and see how I feel". They were all proud of me and encouraging, and really REALLY happy to notice that my energy was up and I wasn't nearly the jerk I had been for awhile. I enjoy my food and don't need to snack (and I was a HUGE snacker). For two years I would sweat excessively (it could be 50 degrees and I was sweating bullets), I had to pee constantly, could NOT get enough water, and felt like death. Taking a shower was a challenge because I had to stand up for 10 minutes. Not so anymore. I don't snack. I don't feel like death. I drink a healthy amount of water and am not going to the bathroom every 30 minutes (no exaggeration). I was never tested or anything, but it honestly felt like CFS and pre-diabetes (or un-treated Type II). Oh, and I was TIRED. CONSTANTLY tired. By 1:00PM I could barely keep my eyes open, and days off were spent sleeping. Now, a nap is an occasional indulgence and is usually a time to lie still and just relax as opposed to falling into a deep sleep.

So....if people notice these changes, and notice how much better I feel, and how I'm so much happier, and how I'm actually acting like a person my age should act (20's) vs. someone who's an 88 year old unhealthy shut in, why the sudden attitude of "well, you can't ignore grains for EVER"? If there had been no change in any of the above mentioned things, I can see their point. But my life has been slowly doing a 180 and I couldn't be more happy, and I'm actually a bit proud of the fact that I finally decided to take control of my health. Why is that considered "stubborn"? I just recently had a small argument with a family member because I do not want to have fast food for dinner tonight. It's not Orthorexia! It's not being stubborn!

Sigh. I know a lot of people out there don't "get it", but I like my shopping cart full of meat and green stuff, not brown stuff that's going to make me feel like crap.

Sorry...end rant. Just had to get that out there.