So I've been hiding around the fringes for a little while now. I want to drop a few kilos in weight and lose the belly fat and muffin roll over the top of my jeans, as I am a classic barrel shape. At age 47, these things are harder to do. As winter starts to kick in, it will be even harder still, so I'm fairly committed to making some changes. I have bought the book!

I have given up bread and rice as my starting point. Around the same time as I started reading Marks blog, I also started an exercise program with a trainer twice a week, which is outside (rain, hail or shine) early in the morning with a group of people and gets mixed up with strength training (lifting sandbags), cardio, etc. My body is learning to like (hmmm i use that term loosely) exercise. I've been trying to eat primally since about 1 April. We're lucky in NZ in that we have fantastic grass fed beef and a great selection of vegetables. I'm not too concerned about organic at this point in time just because we do have fantastic food here.

I have a weakness for a glass of nice sauvignon blanc. This I am not prepared to give up (just yet, although I know i would probably shake the belly fat a lot quicker). Its an enjoyable end to my day when I get home. I get the most terrible hankering for something sugary after lunch and now that I am eating better, I know it is not the carbs and insulin spikes driving this, it is a totally psychological thing... I never crave sweets during weekends, only when I am at work. Doing reasonably well in this area at ignoring the pangs.

Food diary for the last few days:

B: Bacon and eggs, cup of tea with 1 tspn sugar ( 2 teas are a regular morning thing and I usually have a few more throughout the day)
L: Chicken salad
S: small sweet milk chocolate bar (in my defense, I had a really bad sleep and was tired and needed a pick-me-up)
D: Steak with red wine and mushroom sauce and garlic roasted brocoli, cauliflower and baby carrots, 1 small glass red wine

B: Omelette with chicken,cheese and mushrooms, bacon on the side, 2 tea
L: Pumpkin and coconut chilli soup
D: No dinner per se as we had a meeting to attend so I ate a few potato chips and some cheese on crackers (duh forgot about the no grains for a moment) and had 3 glasses of white wine.

Wednesday (today)
B: Omelette again, no bacon
S: Small protein shake with milk (big workout this morning, muscles sore so felt I might need an extra bit of protein)
L: Pumpkin and Chicken curry on cauliflower rice
D: unknown at this stage, but I imagine it will be a chicken stir fry.... with wine :-)

Feeling pretty good, and my stomach feels flatter (still looks podgy though). I wouldnt say I have heaps more energy or anything and I always had pretty clear skin so it will be interesting to read this as I go along and see what I think has changed.

So questions: am I having too much protein?. anything you think I am doing wrong. Workout days are Wednesday and Friday by the way.