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Thread: Post-carb hangover? (thanksgiving)

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    Post-carb hangover? (thanksgiving)

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    I've been doing strict paleo for two weeks now, but I decided I was going to enjoy my thanksgiving dinner and eat anything I wanted, stuffing, mashed potatoes, even some pumpkin pie. After I was done I felt like crap, but it's sort of normal after eating this types of meals (being paleo or not), so I thought it wasn't a big deal.

    But the next day I still felt like crap, at 3pm I was almost falling asleep, long story short, I went to bed at 8pm and woke up a 10am today! Is this normal for people on paleo? one thing is for sure, I hope to get back soon to my normal, fat burning self ASAP.

    I didn't expect to have such a strong negative reaction to carbs/sugar after such a short time though.

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    It is normal for most people they just are not aware of it, they walk around like that thinking it is normal. Once you start avoiding processed food and wheat etc you know how good you can feel so if you slip up you can feel the difference.
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    I had a HUGE negative reaction to the factory farmed turkey that I ate! I was destroyed the following day...didnt cheat on anything! no alcohol either!
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