Hi all

Just wanted to introduce myself and join the forum Here are my answers to the standard questions:

Location: England

Age: 33

Gender: Female (married but no kidlets yet)

How Primal are you: Not hardcore at all. Still eat rice & beans occasionally, also don't eat red meat (being an ex vegan, I still can't bring myself to eat little baa lambs! maybe one day...). Do lift heavy things occasionally (kettlebells) and like to move frequently at a slow pace (yoga, hiking, dancing!).

Do you consume dairy: Will eat goat yoghurt, feta cheese and butter but not much other dairy.

Do you drink coffee or tea: Green tea, sometimes organic coffee

Motivator for switching to Primal: I've always been interested in health and natural living. I was a macrobiotic vegan in my youth (but have been an omnivore again for about 4 years now), have always avoided processed food, sugar & junk. Earlier this year I found out I have celiac disease. Going gluten free helped, but being grain free (apart from rice) took it to the next level! I don't need to lose any weight, could actually do with gaining some muscle.

Favorite exercise: yoga, dance, hiking, kettlebells

Favorite Primal food: natural fats such as coconut, avocado, almond butter, grass fed butter, eggs, dark chocolate - now that the gluten is out of my diet I can eat fatty and rich foods which I was never able to do before!

Best part about being Primal: Having energy & vitality again, not being hungry all the time! Realising that play and enjoying life are important. Not feeling bad that I hate wearing shoes and wear the most minimal shoes possible (e.g. thin soled ballet pumps) and exercise barefoot. People kept telling me that I was harming my feet but not wearing supportive shoes (especially for exercise), but now I see I'm probably doing my feet a favour.

Worst part about being Primal: When I work in an office, I hate having to wear restrictive dress clothes and shoes and the peer pressure to wear make-up.

Oh, and that Mark keeps saying "get out in the sun, sunshine is good for you!" Sun? I live in England, we have like 5 sunny days a year I just have to make do with "getting out into the damp/fog/gloom" I make it fun by pretending I'm in a Lothlorien Elf in a Tolkien story Thank goodness for liquid vitamin D

Just thought I'd add, I also do other things which could be considered primal, such as cleansing my face with olive oil instead of chemical cleansers (look up "oil cleansing method" if interested), using coconut oil as face/body lotion, using natural deoderant which I make myself (a paste of baking soda and coconut oil, best deoderant I've ever used!), avoiding make-up, wearing minimal shoes or no shoes. I was grew up around hippies, so I guess my upbringing is part of it