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Thread: just want to rant

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    I had to do that with my mother once. I have to do it with my ILs on an on-going basis. Their big thing now is that they want us to be "fully informed" on the chicken pox vaccine.

    You know what she sent me? An article from Parade Magazine. You know, becuase that is THE source for information on vaccine safety. I told DH to tell her to cut it out, and hse'll just have to trust that we are making an informed decision without her input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by girlhk View Post
    Tribal Rob, I sure wish there were such understanding people in our community!
    You should check out and attend La Leche League meetings if you don't already. I get a lot of nursing support from my family (mom extended-nursed 8 kids and tandem nursed 2 of them while pregnant with a third), but we live out of state. I didn't know many people in my area who ate primal or nursed or even had young children until I started attending. LLL meetings will help with any concerns you have (ideas for how to address your mother, arming you with concrete info for your defense, etc.), but it's also a really great place to just be able to talk to like-minded mothers. It tends to be a crunchy bunch, so you'll encounter non-mainstream approaches to other facets of parenting as well.

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