So, I had all these folks at my home today, and there is this one boy who is 8 years old.

This is what I saw him eat today:

1/2 an apple pie, with reddi whip all over the top
3 Cokes
4 - 5 glasses of sweet tea
a donut

So, his mom was at my house, of course with him. When I saw him going for the 3rd Coke, I said something like "No more soda, I bet your mom wouldn't let you have that much sugar." Little did I know his mom was right behind me. So then she said that it was OK for him to eat that way "because I don't believe in forcing kids to eat anything they don't want to eat." I was about to reply, but decided to keep my mouth shut...

But later on I asked the boy what he had to eat all day.... and he said all the stuff I listed, but also he said 6 sodas.... I asked him if he ate any meat..... Nope. I asked if he had any veggies.... Nope.... I asked if he had any fruit and his reply was "yes, I had a chocolate covered strawberry and a slice of apple"...... and a juice box.

Now, I guess this really isn't a primal or paleo topic, but I can't see how this kid can make it w/o tons oof health problems ahead...... Oh wait.... yes, he did eat something else at breakfast.... he had french toast.

OK, not my kid, so I stayed out of it with the mom, but I really wanted to ask what the hell she's thinking.

One thing tho.... the kid is skinny as a rail.... I don't know how or why, but he is.