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Thread: Yet Another PB Journal - hibbs02 style

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    Yet Another PB Journal - hibbs02 style


    I'm 42 year old male, 6'1" and crushing the scale at 353 pounds. Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I carbed my brain out and felt sick most of the day. Today I got back into primal and feel great! I will count yesterday as an extreme carb refeed day.

    I have been low carb on and off for years. I never made much progress. I think, looking back, that it was in large part because I was using a variety of "low carb" cheat substitutes such as low carb tortillas, pasta, etc. Too often I would get crazy cravings and cave.

    A few months ago I did a month with slow-carb. Lots of beans and whole grain bread. No progress. The only progress I have seen is super extreme caloric reduction below 1200 calories daily. That is clearly unsustainable and unhealthy.

    My wife and I have our first child, Grace, due 1/21/13 and having her so late in life I really would like to see her graduate high school. At 353 pounds that looks unlikely. I have been cruising Bulletproof Exec and now MDA for the last few weeks or so and feel like I get the final key on what has been holding me back. So, I am posting here to say howdy and get some accountability. I will do my best to stay primal for at least 30 days and do a posting here to say how well or badly the day went in regards to diet/exercise. I will post results as we go along. If I manage to make major progress I will add in pictures.


    I plan to do 18/6 IF most days and have my diet figured out for 5 days of the week (work days) it looks like the following courtesy of Fitday:

    Calories: 1864
    Fat 148.29 1326.5 71.2
    Saturated Fat 50.67 451.4 34
    Polyunsaturated Fat 5.77 51.2 3.9
    Monounsaturated Fat 34.42 307.6 23.2
    Carbohydrates 51 197.7 10.6
    Dietary Fiber 20.2
    Protein 99.3 400 21.5

    Everything is getting compressed so I will add the macros separately:

    Calories: 1864
    Fat: 148.3 grams - 69%
    Carbs: 51.0 grams (31 net) - 10%
    Protein: 99.3 grams - 21%

    I know that this looks odd and you will be asking how I think I'm going to hit those macros. Here it is:

    Awakening: tsp Pink Himalayan Salt

    Breakfast: BP Coffee
    32oz Coffee w/ 2 TB Kerrygold Unsalted Butter & 2 TB Now MCT Oil

    Lunch: "Health Shake"
    12oz Coconut Milk
    1 Tablespoon MCT Oil
    1 scoop Green Vibrance
    1 scoob Delicious Reds 8000
    1 scoop ON Whey Gold
    tsp Raw CaCao powder
    dash creatine

    Dinner: 6 oz Cauliflower & 6 oz Broccoli (tossed with Ghee and Sea Salt) / 8oz Trader Joe's Grass Fed Hamburger -- condiments may include a squirt of Heinz low carb Ketchup and perhaps a dab of Kraft Olive Oil Mayo

    I know that this diet is doable because I did it most of the last week or so. The BP coffee kills my appetite until my lunch break. The shake does me in until Dinner. I was always perpetually exhausted until I found out about Green Vibrance. Adding that in to my life about a month or so ago really upped my energy and experience of life. Adding in the MCT oil and butter in the morning has helped me to get through the day feeling like a different person when added on top of the Green Vibrance.

    I have two days off a week: usually a Wed or Thurs and always Sunday. I plan to switch it up on those days with two full meals after a morning fat fast. Sunday will be a carb refeed day with sweet potatoes added in.


    tsp Cod Liver Oil
    900mg St John's Wort
    150mg Milk Thistle
    500mg magnesium nightly
    2 tabs Glucosamine & Chondroitin
    250mg Resveratrol
    500mg L-Tyrosine
    Saw Palmetto
    200mg Potassium

    Considering other sups such as adrenal supports.


    Slow: Walking the building during breaks - works out to about 22 minutes walking daily. Added in to the long walk to the car before and after work works out to about 35 minutes walking 5 days week.

    Heavy: Body weight exercises mixed in with some dumbbell work - squats, pushups, curls, etc 1-2 times a week. As currently setup mixed in with the Sprint portion below.

    Sprint: Xbox Kinect - Your Shape™ : Fitness Evolved 2012 - HITT training with a couple of warmup games and working out on medium in bootcamp. Short spurts of maximum intensity. The boot camp has the squats, pushups and I add in the dumbbell exercises.

    Not sure how this is going to work. I'm thinking of having the HITT with some resistance training 1 day a week and then a second day with just resistance.

    Confounding factor!

    I work a very stressful job with a crap schedule. The way my schedule works I get home at 11:30pm and then cook and scarf down food about midnightish and then hit the sack at 1am so I can get up at 9:00am and see my wife before she heads off to work. I can't see myself eating my big meal at work. As a fat person I am ashamed to be seen eating in public and a giant plate of food, even though mostly vegetables, would simply be too embarrassing. Then again, eating so late at night seems like a bad idea. So, we will see if there are any good results.

    Also, I'm not sure about the caloric intake. I know when I was doing lots of whole grains I would probably gain weight on 1800 calories daily. Fitday is just a silly billy and says I burn over 4000 calories a day even being a cubicle dweller because of my size. If that were so I wouldn't be this weight!

    I have been researching this for awhile but I am happy to take any of your comments with a humble heart. I want to live! I don't care who gets the credit. :-)

    Thank you!
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