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Thread: Primal Drum Corps

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    Oh, it's been awhile since I've updated this!

    So, I've been ranging from "wildly successful" to "strugglebus" in terms of primal drum corps.

    First, I have a lot of fitness/physical work to do - I haven't really marched in 10 years, and the technique is different than anywhere I'd marched - the show is going to be a lot of running around - EXCITING, but... lots of work to be done in this area for me!

    In terms of food, it's REALLY easy to eat badly... but on the other side of the coin, it's almost as easy to eat NOT badly... I'm back to my old Atkinsesque tricks of ordering 2 burgers, no bun, and a side salad at a fast food joint, or naked hot wings, or fish plus veg/potatoes. ... eliminating the wheat and as much processed stuff as I can - it's not perfect, but it's better than a burger, fries and a coke. Sometimes I will indulge in some chocolate or other treat... but I have no doubt that I'm burning it off during the camp, and it's also still part of my 20%.

    My lunches have become a curio of sorts - everyone wonders what strange thing I'll have this week (Tee hee). This week, my hard boiled eggs were at the bottom of the bag, so I had to pull everything out and put it on the table to get to them... and I got a lot of "WOW! I want YOUR lunch!" - several HB eggs, 2 avocados, carrots, goat cheese medallions, a mini brie round, bunch of bananas, several mandarins, an apple, plus dried fruit/larabars, nuts, jerky (I keep a bag of primal friendly "dried goods" in my bag) etc. - sadly I left my leftover brisket at home by accident.
    I ALWAYS pack more than I think I'll eat, because I'd rather have too much and take it home than have not enough and no other options besides fast food/gas station.

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    Hey PrimalMama, good to see you're still going strong; sounds like it's going well for you! Just wanted to drop in and make sure you hadn't dropped out there on the field in the heat yet. ;-) Hope you have a great summer, and if your corps is up in the Northwest, let me know!
    ~All luck is earned in the end.~

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