Perhaps this thread should be in the "journals" section, but I wanted to post about marching in a drum and bugle corps and attempting to maintain a primal lifestyle. If you don't know what this activity is, imagine a bad-ass marching band on (not literal) steroids... the two main organizations in the US for this activity are Drum Corps International (DCI - age limit of 22, tours the country for months during the summer, often referred to as "junior corps") and Drum Corps Associates (DCA - no age limits, more of a "weekend warrior" activity, and often referred to as "senior corps").

I've only seen one other post on here about drum corps - a typical day involves anywhere from 8-15 hours of physical activity (running around a football field in the sun with brass, percussion or colorguard equipment), a ton of cheap, super-processed food (calories/carbs are usually considered a non-issue because of all the physical activity), sleeping on a gym floor or in a bus... it kind of sounds crazy to those who've never done it, I suppose.

Most corps tend to have auditions or open houses around this time - I'll be attending one of those this weekend, and I'm hoping to keep as primal as possible... I'm excited and nervous all at once.

Here are some of my primal concerns:

Footwear: I grabbed a pair of Merell Gloves - I know lots of people in the activity wear fivefingers, but not necessarily while marching, and I decided that my beat-up nikes would probably render my back and hips FUBAR before the summer starts, so minimalist rehearsal footwear: check.
Performances will probably leave me with no choice - I usually end up with an uncomfortable (not wide enough, though usually the heel-drop isn't horribly bad) marching shoe that I have to endure for a few hours (a uniform look is important). I'll find out if minimalist (or hell, just WIDER) performance shoes are out there, and if I'm allowed to substitute or if I have to wear the same brand as everyone else.

Food: every corps has their own twist on food, but it's usually processed junk. There's ALWAYS PB&J available, but usually meals are pasta, sandwiches (cold cuts or chicken/tuna salad), hot dogs/burgers, SAD salad (low quality lettuce, pre-dressed, with croutons), HFCS pudding, cookies, chips, muffins/cereal for breakfast, powdered lemonade/kool-aid to drink... That's what's served during rehearsals and before shows.
After rehearsals, people usually go out and consume mass quantities of fried junk, desserts, booze (senior corps), etc.
There is also often a pre-show ritual involving sugar (Gu, pedialyte, skittles, whatever it is) and it's just not really an option to skip it... unifying kind of thing and whatnot, I guess.
When I did corps and LC at the same time 10 years ago, I gained weight every weekend... possibly because it was nearly impossible to avoid junk, possibly because I was gaining muscle, not really sure, but it was frustrating to be surrounded by junk, people who wanted to eat junk and drink like fish (I didn't drink while I was doing LC), etc.
The GOOD news is, I'm too old for DCI, and it's generally more accepted to bring your own food or eat more carefully in DCA. BUT... I don't want to seem like a snob or "difficult" - I've definitely seen corps have problems with vegetarians before. *sigh*
My plan is to pack a bunch of primalpacs, paleokits, jerky, nuts, hb eggs, larabars, fruit/veg... maybe bring a cooler? I'll avoid the kool-aid type drinks like the plague and do water (supplement with electrolytes as needed). As for going out, I'll get a salad, and I'm a champ at nursing a whiskey on the rocks while everyone else drinks stupidly, so we'll see how it goes. I'm curious if there's something on the health form where I can list my dietary needs/preferences. If there's a pre-show ritual involving sugar, I will probably partake as part of my 20% - the fellowship is more important than a wee bit of sugar approximately 12-15times in a year.

Sun: We're out in the sun more than even the darkest-skinned primal can probably handle without sunscreen, PLUS, we've got giant shiny things all around us reflecting and intensifying the sun. I've used a lot of sunscreen in the past, gotten a lot of sunburns in the past... ideally, I'd avoid both sunscreen and sunburns, but realistically... what sunscreen products are the least chemically/best to use? Should I start taking D3 supplements? *shrug* just another thing to thing about.

Can't wait to LHT (my horn) and do intervals (running drill sets)... and hopefully figure out primal drum corps while I'm at it