Hello folks,

I probably have a pretty typical story for new people here. I'm a masters cyclist, mid 40s, my fitness is pretty good and my weight is stable thanks to my riding. I am trying to clean up my diet and get leaner, both for health reasons and to jump up a step in my cycling performance (and let's be honest, to look better, that's always a factor).

I eat pretty well in general but I have a lifetime of food habits centered around bread and dessert, my weak points. I also drink ridiculous amounts of Diet Mountain Dew, and I have been unsuccessful in quitting that.

I'm going to ask for some ideas -- what do you do for a quick primal lunch? I go out for lunch most of the time, and the cheap/quick options are all centered around bread. Subway has been a staple of mine for a long time because I could get lots of veggies on a sub. Take the bread away though.. and :-(

The dessert thing I can deal with -- right after I finish the chocolate covered coconut balls leftover from yesterday!



P.S. I was having difficulties registering for the forum, and couldn't get my preferred username (kendallf) to work. I tried another browser and typed 'bogman' just being stupid, and that worked..hope I can get somebody to change it later.