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Thread: Heart Rate

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    What Geoff said. I would trying getting your max by doing a 5k all out race. I did hill sprints to get mine initially and actually saw a higher number when I did an all out 5k- I mean balls to the wall running. I use that number as my max now.

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    Athletes often end up with lower heart rates than normal. You may have just done that.

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    High intensity intervals. I do a 10 minute warmup followed by 1 minute sprints, 30 sec rest increasing each every 5 minutes by 30 seconds. I do that for 20 minutes exhausted. Hill training helps too.
    I volunteered in a study to see how my aerobic fitness improved over 9 weeks training for a bike ride... I did sprint intervals 1x week, compound lifts with hardly any rest and long rides 1x-2x/week. Got my heart rate up 11 BPM, VO2max up 11, Lactate threshold up 3% and cycling wattage steady.

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