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Thread: dining with family and friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neely View Post
    A couple of months? Jesus. I can't stand family for more than a few hours. How do you do that?
    Special circumstances this time, a mixture of meetings, weddings to attend, chinese new year celebrations, and general visiting. It's too expensive to rent a place for a month...I do like to spend time with my siblings, differences aside. My mother is gets more difficult as she gets older.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shelly6 View Post
    I would do this as well. If anything, you could make a list of "Will eat", "Will Not Eat", and "Will eat in moderation" and go from there. If someone would have shown up with a home made pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, I probably would have had a slice seeing as how they made it from scratch...but there are certain things I will not fold on and am quite stubborn about (fast food being one)...
    I don't mind homemade (non-primal) meals from scratch once in awhile. But so few people cook from scratch nowadays.
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