My weight loss has slowed / stalled and my big lifts at the gym have declined over the last few weeks. I have been toying with the idea of using clean, primal Carb Re-Feeds on my heavy training days coupled with intermittent fasting on my "off days" to bust through a weight loss plateau.

Mark describe it here. Rather than a "cheat" day with trips to taco bell or pizza, I would load up on carb-dense fruits and sweet potatoes.

Had a clean re-feed on Tuesday for the first time. Felt good but will need more time to see if it works.

Had a "cheat" re-feed on Thanksgiving and I'm almost seven pounds heavier this morning. It included a fruit smoothy at Denny's as part of my high-protein (eggs, bacon, sausage only) post workout breakfast and then a SAD Thanksgiving. Couple of micro-brews, chips and dip, and full-fledged thanksgiving dinner with fixings and pie.

And I'm 7 pounds heavier this morning than I was yesterday. . .

Reading that a gram of restored glycogen retains 4 grams of water and contributes to water weight gain during re-feeds. Thoughts?