I had to share this cool news, have been doing the primal thing for the past 2 or so months (diagnosed with Insulin Resistance a while back and resisted doing anything about it until recently). My life has changed overnight and I feel better than I have in years. Now I'm getting the rest of my extended family onto it and my copy of The Primal Blueprint book is doing its rounds.
This is the really exciting part though, I have been easing into things by changing habits but haven't gotten around to properly sourcing all the right meats etc, I thought being that I am in South Africa that this would be tough. However my brother mailed me this morning (without us even have a conversation about it) and said (for Christmas) one of his colleagues has a family member who can get us pastured lamb straight from their farm...I have subsequently ordered extra for me beyond Christmas. Then I searched the net for grass-fed beef thinking it was going to be majorly difficult, and lo and behold I find a meat merchant, just down the road from me who ONLY sells grass-fed!!
Its a very trendy and awesome place that I have been hearing about but never thought to investigate and only now figured that this is their whole philosophy! I'm thrilled. While it will be more expensive, I'm happy to spend money I used to spend on junk food on better quality meats such as these.

SO happy! Any other Capetonians out there - this is for you.

Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants | Kloof Street Cape Town
We do meat. Ethically-sourced, free-range meat to be exact. Proper meat.