I'm looking ahead to when I have completed PBF LHT to level 4, I'm looking to change things up once I've got to this level.

I've really enjoyed having a programme with progressions to follow, so I'm looking for something else to follow that meets the fitness goals I am looking to achive next year.

I really like body weight stuff.

I also really like gymnastic explosive stuff - I'd love do do some parkour soon.

I want to be able to do:

Muscle ups


handstand push ups

I also want to be able to do explosive stuff like

Kip ups

Jumping on to shit


them flick flack things.

I also really like all the movnat, primal movement type stuff

I'm planning to start in the new year, but I want plenty of time to read arround people's suggestions.

I may also have to put books/DVD's on my christmas list as I can't afford to spend alot (or anything really)

So I really need to make sure that if I pay for something it's 100% right for me, I can't afford to try stuff out on a whim.

Looking forward to all your amazing suggestions.

Oh and this is what I'm doing now for refererance.

Monday - Wednesday - Friday - I'm working through 7 weeks to 50 pull ups (on the prep as my pull ups are weak)
Tuesday - I'm going for a bike ride (was running by tendon injury means this is off) doing about 1 - 1.5 hours either road or easy trails

Thursday - Lift heavy things (without the pull ups, but with jack knife presses)

Sunday - Sprint type excersies - burpees, squats with light weight. star jumps, box jumps to tabata timings. Or going to the park for same sort of thing but with family joining in.

I also get in walking when I can, normally at least 2 hours a week.