Greetings, all.

I'm in my last year (actually my last couple of weeks) of my anthro undergrad, and I'm practicing data analysis for a researd methods paper. All anonymous, unpublished, etc. - though maybe I can also find out something worthwhile with this sort of thing...

If you're a paleo eater (I know it's "primal" around here, but for the purposes of this, I'd like to call it "close enough"), spare me a couple minutes to do this super-brief (22 meager questions) survey? It's really simple, multiple choice, no personal identifying data of any kind required. I'd be *eternally* grateful. Or at least extremely grateful for the next month, maybe two.

Just looking at a few of the social factors that influence our ability to comply with this weirdo food thing we do.

Go take it using this link if you want to make my day:

Kind regards,