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Thread: Meat Rut, Overeating Fat, Struggling 3 weeks In

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    Meat Rut, Overeating Fat, Struggling 3 weeks In

    This post is all over the place, please try to bear with me?

    As an ex-vegetarian, switching to a primal diet has had it's challenges - namely, the meat aspect.

    I have NO problem consuming fat, on days I overeat I can easily down 200g+ of fat!!! I know we are eating high fat here, but that seems WAY too high doesn't it?

    I rarely have cheese, organic butter is my only dairy. I use coconut oil and coconut cream and make coconut butter. I love avocado.

    I like ground beef, find it easy and tasty to eat. I can eat 1lb in a sitting with a few cups of spinach atop a huge bowl of shredded lettuce (like, an entire head of lettuce) and be hungry after; or feel the need to eat something else still despite having eaten 900 calories for example.

    I like chicken, I eat 3-4 eggs per day. I'll have salmon 1x per week.

    But I don't know what else to eat, meat wise. Can't seem to find a way to prepare steak or other cuts of beef in a way that is appealing. Pork, can't do it, except these crazy expensive sausages I found that I can't afford more than 1x month. Other seafood, so not appealing...

    Nuts are a huge problem for me. Just tonight, instead of cooking some beef, it just didn't seem appealing, so what did I end up doing but eating 300g of raw cashews with celery, which is like +1500 calories! Not good.

    I know I have to eat more meat and veg meals, but I don't have a clue how to do that.

    And the whole, "listen to your body" thing, is not working out for me. It's like my body signals are screwed up really bad, because I can have a great day of eating Primally, meat-veg-eggs-fats-greens-water, and still end up with this compulsion to eat more after dinner, like I'm hungry for something but I can't figure out what.

    (It'd be great if I just stopped buying the nuts, but I feed a kid too, and nuts are moderate part of her diet, because she so far isn't big on the meat, she'll only eat chicken and shrimp and sometimes salmon.)

    The Eat More Fat advice hasn't helped subdue my appetite, neither has at least 1g protein/lb of LBM... Something else must be up with my body.

    Any advice, ideas, suggestions, familiarity with this type of thing???

    OH - I should add I'm female, 31, about 5'11, weight unknown (160lbs?) but I'm down to the last pair of pants that barely fit I've put on 4" on hips and 3" on each thigh in the past 6 months while eating high carb, low fat. Estimate 27% body fat based on measurements online calculators.

    I walk to run errands most days at least 45 mins, often carrying 40lb child, just started going to the gym trying out HIIT on elliptical, otherwise, currently at home unemployed just chillin' with my kid, not super active. Single parent, don't get out ever after bedtime just stuck at home on my butt, which gets bigger and softer and maybe I'm emotionally eating right now too.

    Going Primal goal wise: ENERGY and MOOD are the biggest, also to reduce body fat while maintaining muscle, I want to look hot naked basically It's been awhile since I've felt that.
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