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Thread: Meat Rut, Overeating Fat, Struggling 3 weeks In

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    Addressing the meat rut issue, it's time to learn to cook! I learned how to cook a steak as good or better than a steakhouse and it really wasn't hard to do at all. I don't eat steak all the time, but when I do, it's a treat. Another thing I did when I was getting back into meat was I cut steak into thin strips and stir-fried it with a Thai peanut sauce (sue me) and put that over either stir-fried veggies or a cabbage salad. As for other meats, try lamb. It's really good with garlic and rosemary. Also, eat salmon more frequently. It's good on a salad. It's good baked with dijon mustard smeared on top. And if you haven't had pork for a while, you might find it's tastier than you remembered. It goes really well with buttery rosemary carrots.
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    Great responses, thank you so much. I really appreciate having this forum!

    - I definitely won't discount that the fact I'm still nursing could be part of the appetite thing. A year ago I went through a very hard time and was under so much stress that I barely ate anything for 4 months, and it was really in March of this year that I began eating again, so I also could be recovering from that and perhaps my body is still on alert and making reserves in case it happens again, as to not affect milk supply, amongst other things

    - Also you're right, it has been only 3 weeks strictly primal (well other than the nuts strict). I'm excited to get fat-adapted and eager to have the energy and endurance and other mental and physical benefits. I'm not giving up

    - Interestingly, no I was not a night snacker before. I would eat dinner by 7pm and that would be it. I did however most night go for a walk after dinner or in the evening, for an hour or so. I haven't been able to do that since January, when I became a single parent

    - I definitely need to learn to cook meat! I've found a lot of paleo and primal blogs with tons of great recipes, it's now a matter of trying it out. Stir fry is a great idea, I can do that.

    - My sugar monster has been kicked to the curb. I am amazed at how easy that was actually. Two months ago when I stopped grains and sugar, I decided I wouldn't have dried fruit, or honey or maple syrup - not even the natural sugars. It took a month but now the only sweet I have is blueberries or raspberries and not every day, and sometimes 90% Lindt chocolate <depends on my cycle when I crave cocoa> Now I like coconut for it's faint sweetness, same with avocado.

    - I will have to keep experimenting with macros for certain, to find my personal sweet spot. I do know my biggest issue is probably irregularity with eating enough meat each day.

    - The pork I remember was pork chops *shudder* Other than bacon or pork sausages, how else do people eat pork? I like both of those but bacon is like a twice/month thing, sausages too - the pastured organic etc. ones I fell in love with are $14 for a 4-pk. Rats.

    Thank you again for the suggestions! I'll look for a recipe book today too.

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    I buy a pork shoulder and make pulled pork. Its easy to do in a crock pot.

    I use ground white turkey meat to make spaghetti sauce (serve over spaghetti squash) or chili.

    I bought a stovetop smoker to smoke salmon (tons of recipes online); turkey parts (eat alone or cook with vegetables)..tons of ideas.

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