Hi, I've been staying primal for 2 weeks now and I have some questions on the idea behind cyclical ketogenic diet when it comes to the "refeed".

1. What's the objective behind carb loading once a week and why is it said to be anabolic?

2. Should you bother refeeding if you're already "fat-adapted"?

3. I have a copy of the 4 Hour Body, which I'm sure many users here know of and one of the guidelines for the "slow carb"(it really doesnt need a different name) diet is to have a cheat day, but Tim Ferriss somewhat emphasizes the consumption of massive amounts of calories on that one day, not just like one normal day of being a sugar burner. Is it really necessary to do this in order to keep your thyroid function in check? Does your body once it's fat adapted or getting there need a "shock" once in a while?

4. What are the implications of the grain consumption during a refeed or for that matter the consumption of any of the things that are not primal for a reason? I remember reading somewhere that if you are going to avoid grains, you really need to do it for long periods at a time and that eating some even just once a week or once a month will screw your body up.

Thanks in advance for helping me with my questions, what I'm really just worried about here is the breakdown of muscle tissue and how to avoid that, and if CKD will get my body to a certain point(fat loss and bulking) and then I can follow a normal primal diet of someone who is fat adapted.