Well my goal is to totally implement paleo principles into my diet for the next 30 days.

I'm not going to give a life story.. nobody really cares anyway.

I am a very extreme individual and when I am doing something it has to be done 100%. For this reason I do not do alcohol or drugs as I have OD'd in the past. I seem to have an inability to stop. This addictive personality trait is dangerous, especially with food. If I eat some chocolate I feel as though I might as well eat the entire cake so I go ahead and do it. It's hard to describe my thought process but basically I need 100% implementation of something in order for it to go well. This addictive personality trait can also be a real asset if I focus on something I want to do and this is the case here.

I will be maping out my meals in here at the end of each day.

Today was day 1 and here is what I had

MEAL 1 - 100g Zucchini, 100g turkey breast mince, 10g garlic + 1 banana (94g).
It was all sauted together (not the banana) to give a very tasty meal indeed. I added some cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper spice and also garam masala for good measure.

MEAL 2 - 250g Vegetable mince mixture*, 100g beef mince (95% lean)

MEAL 3 - 250g Vegetable mince mixture*, 50g Turkey breast mince, 50g beef mince (95% lean)

MEAL 4 - 250g Vegetable mince mixture*, 50g Turkey breast mince, 50g beef mince (95% lean)

*I made a vegetable mince mixture. This consisted of the following
- 250g mushrooms
- 100g leek
- 200g radish
- 100g beetroot
- 100g Asparagus
- 30g Garlic
- 100g Onion
- 200g cucumber
- 500ml Passata
This was all dumped in the food processor and the magical apparatus did it's job, cutting the vegetables into fine pieces. I then sauted them with olive oil and added the meat (which I cooked in the george foreman grill). From there it was simply a case of portioning out 250g of it with 100g of meat for each meal. The spices from above were used. I also used paprika heavily as I am a big fan of spicyness.

Yes it's a hideous boring bland etc etc diet. I DONT CARE FOR PLEASURE, I CARE FOR RESULTS. It actually tastes ok too. I have no problem eating it.

I will continue to eat in this manner for the next 30 days and then reasses. I might get some pictures up of meals if I can be bothered. Probably not though but who knows, I may get bored. I must say I feel extremely good at the moment. It is such a filling meal.

I will be back tomorrow for another exciting update