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Thread: Paleo Diet Mastery - 30 Day Challenge

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    Quick update from yesterday

    DAY 4

    1. 100g cucumber/100g zucchini/100g mince
    2. 100g cucumber/100g zucchini/100g mince
    3. butternut squash (only a few mouthfuls) + salmon + handful of walnuts
    4. bowl of alpen cereal (this is becoming all too common)

    The reason I ate the alpen was because I felt like my hands were going numb for a few minutes and I attributed it to lack of carbs. My hands never go numb like that and I hadn't eaten much carbs at all so maybe it was that but I could have chosen a healthier option.

    Anyway 80/20 eh?

    Bring on Day 5

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    Quick update from yesterday

    DAY 5

    1. Subway Chicken Tikka roll with mayonaise
    2. Alpen cereal with milk
    3. veg mix with beef mince

    Poor day really. I didn't have time to make my food so I had to eat out. Subway was the healthiest option I guess. Then I had alpen when I got home because I was starving. I managed to make my regular veg mix afterwards though and added some nice beef 95% lean.

    Today I will just eat the veg mix and meat. Maybe an egg also.

    Bring on Day 6

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    Day 6

    Morning weight - 228.5 pounds

    1. veg mix 250g + chicken 150g
    2. veg mix 250g + chicken 150g
    3. veg mix 250g + chicken 150g
    4. Alpen cereal + milk

    veg mix consisted of

    I think I'm addicted to alpen

    Its the kind of thing I could easily eliminate if I lived alone because I simply wouldn't buy it but it's a constant temptation when its just there. I think the solution is having other meals there also. I can probably eat the veg mix consistantly but it would be good to have other alternatives. I keep putting off making the paleo pizza. Maybe an omlette or banana sandwich or something. I'm going to try make paleo bread later. I have the recipe and some ingredients. I'll try to get more ingredients and make it because it would add another dimension to the diet. I think I can eat the veg mix all the time but the addition of bread adds a lot more options and would probably eliminate my alpen addiction!

    Overall I don't have too many bad cravings though. I think I'm over the worst part. I can walk around malls and shops without even thinking about the chocolate and ice cream etc. As we speak the fridge downstairs is loaded with some really nice chocolate that I would have eaten without thinking but I simply don't even think about it any more. Perhaps I am strange in this way.

    Anyway, I was surprised I was 228.4, I expected to be a lot less. I think sleep is something I'm going to focus on, I'm not getting enough. I get 6-7 hours. Maybe if I ensured I get to 7-8 hours that would be better.

    I feel much better though and I'm eating much better than I ever have and I'm enjoying it too. This isn't a diet any more, its a way of life

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    I should add that after I ate the subway roll the other day I felt absolutely awful. When I got home I lay in bed for a while and felt completely exhaused. it was a real crash. I haven't been tested for diabetes or anything but I had zero energy at that point and fell asleep within seconds. When I woke up 2 hours later I felt fine.

    It's made me consider getting a full health check up. One thing is for sure, I will do the best I can to avoid it in future.

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    Day 6

    Morning Weight - 227.5 pounds


    1. veg mix + turkey breast
    2. veg mix + turkey breast
    3. veg mix + turkey breast
    4. Alpen cereal + milk

    I TRIED to make paleo bread but it was a dismal effort. Absolute failure of an effort and I resorted to Alpen afterwards. I had my BP checked earlier in the day.. 140/80. Slightly high but it was around 145/90 before so I have gotten it down somewhat. Lets see what it is when I am 200 pounds and have eaten in a slightly paleo way for a month or two. I would have to say that the veg mix + meat meal is working though. I always take 250g of the veg mix by the way.

    I weighed myself on the 20th of November and I was 234.5 so I have lost 7 pounds in 9 days which is decent I guess but I think the alpen is stunting my weight loss as it is so high in carbs. I will cut it out today and just have the veg mix + meat and see what I weigh tomorrow. I only really started eating paleo-like 6 days ago but I didn't weigh myself on day 1. I was 231.5 pounds on Day 2 though. So that would mean 4 pound weight loss in 5 days. Whatever. I know weight is not a good indicator of health but its just a little experiment to see what the alpen does...

    BRING ON DAY 7!!!!!
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    If you feel week and think you need some more carbs try some fruit in stead of the cereal. If you tolerate dairy (and I see you have milk) try some full fat yogurt (or greek yogurt) and add some berries or slices of banana.
    For some variety try the veg mix with minced meat.

    Loosing weight slowly is better for your body, what you are reporting sounds great. For me loosing 3/4 kilo each week is the best and the weeks add up 17 kilo in just over 5 months !

    Chocolate is allowed, get some 70% or over dark chocolate (once you are used to you might prefer the 8o% or higher) or make your own chocolate by melting 6 tbs coconut oil, 3 tbs cocoa, 2 squares of dark chocolate. Pour in mold and harden in fridge. You can add some nuts, grated cocos, sunflower or pumpkin seeds or raisins if you like. I make 12 chocolates out of this with different things added. A nice source of healthy fat and minerals. Strange enough I loose more weight if I regularly have some chocolate.

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