Just to add a bit of background before I post my question I have lost about 185 pounds...I am a female, currently down to 195 pounds with a body fat % of 27.6%, whilst I would love to lose another 20 pounds its not a huge focus. I am mostly interested in fat loss and building muscle and definition. So i have been "primal" for 1 week now...no real change on the scales (altho as im after fat loss i realise that wont necessarily happen) I also like Marks philosophy of 80/20 .... so MOST of what I am eating is primal...so just interested in feedback on my average eating plan

breakfast : 2 pieces of shortcut bacon with either a protein shake or i make a 2 ingredient pancake (1 banana and 1 egg) if I have the pancake which has only been on weekends i have honey as well with it
Snack : banana and 1 tablespoon of tahini
lunch : green salad (lettuce, onion, tomatos, carrot, capsicum etc) with lemon juice and about 150-200 grams of meat (i think thats around 6oz - sorry im a aussie we work in metrics lol)
Snack : Protein shake (made with milk)
Dinner : 150-200 grams of meat again (chicken, beef, pork) with vegetables (onions, capsicum, baby spinach, mushrooms etc) and maybe a tablespoon of parmassen cheese for flavour depending on the meal (im not a huge fan of vegetables so this is a BIG adjustment for me)
Snack : I am still having 35 grams of dark chocolate each day (I guess this is my "20%" i realise most may be horrified by this lol)

Exercise wise...I weight train 3 times a week, plus 90 minutes of cardio per week (the cardio is usually a combination of running, kickboxing). I also eat 2000 calories per day which is a small deficit so should get me to lose fat but it will be a very slow process (which I am fine with)

Anyway I am still intergrating this into my way of life...Im not going to go paleo...im simply wanting to eat primal and the reason being to help me to build muscle and definition and just be generally healthier.

Thanks in advance