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Thread: BCAA's (amino acids)

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    BCAA's (amino acids)

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    Reading up on fasting and working out.

    How to Implement Fasting | Mark's Daily Apple

    Says in the Leangains part that if you work out in a fasted state, you should take BCAA's.

    "you have the option of consuming 10 grams of branched chain amino acids 10 minutes before the workout."

    I bought a bottle of Amino Acids today and it says to take 2, 3 times a day. If I'm doing the fasting, should I just take them before I work out as stated?

    Thank in advance.
    55 yr old male


    Weight; 199
    Chest; 41.5
    Waist; 42
    Hips; 40
    Thigh; 22.5
    Calf; 15
    Bicep: 13
    Forearm; 11.5
    Neck; 17


    Weight; 200
    Chest; 42
    Waist; 42.5
    Hips; 39
    Thigh; 23
    Calf; 15
    Bicep: 13
    Forearm; 11.5
    Neck; 16

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    Yes. I work out fasted and take BCAA's. My bottle instructs to take two capsules 30-40 minutes before a workout and maybe again after the workout (optional). So that's what I do.
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    Technically 1 gram of amino acid has the same amount of calories in protein (because protein is made up of amino acids). If you're anal about your calories, then it's a minor technicality. But it probably won't effect the results of your fast.

    On the other hand, I have never taken the amino acids when working out fasted and I have not had any issues or problems with my workouts. So it might be helpful but it certainly isn't NECESSARY.

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    So it might be helpful but it certainly isn't NECESSARY.

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    BCAAs are fine, but are a waste of money. Just use a few hard boiled egg whites or some beef jerky instead. Same molecules for a lot less money.

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    Maybe it's coincedence, but I couldn't get through a press and bench press stall for a very long time, I started fasting before working out and take bcaa's, I immediatly broke them
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    I don't believe beef has a complete amino acid profile.

    Here is a good review on BCAAs and resistance exercise: Skeletal Muscle Protein Metabolism and Resistance Exercise

    TL;DR: "Consumption of essential amino acids before resistance training stimulates more muscle synthesis than consumption immediately after and 1h after training."

    If you are fasting, just take your BCAAs any time before you workout. Afterwards, just consume food.

    More on how it works: Branched Chain Amino Acids - In-Depth Scientific Supplement Information |

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