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Thread: I'm having a difficult time gaining mass while staying Primal

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    Quote Originally Posted by destructalux View Post
    seriously, start switching your workouts, never do the same routine ever. You got to keep your body guessing otherwise it just goes "same old same old, nothing new required here"
    I have to disagree a little bit. The way to stimulate growth is by eating and lifting increasing amounts of weights. This is why novice programs tend to include linear progressions, and tend to be hugely successful for those that follow the protocols. Your muscles don't need to be confused, they need to be challenged.

    But the bottom line is you can't grow without raw materials. And it takes a lot more raw materials (FOOD) than CICO math would lead you to believe for underweight people to grow. I believe Mr. Sisson himself has suggested a dozen eggs a day ON TOP of what one normally eats.

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    Up your starch and fat intake. You can play around with high fat dairy if you wish but more often than not you'll add more fat than desired. I gained 25 lbs over a year by simply eating more and limiting my activity.

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    I have to disagree with getting a trainer. OP needs to make the commitment to eating more and moving less. I read a story on another website where the author ate a dozen eggs, milk and bacon for breakfast, trained, came home and had a post workout shake with ice cream, milk and protein powder. Cooked 2 chicken breasts and while the chicken breasts were in the oven he made 2 packets of ramen noodles (I know not optimal). By this point he was so full, he took a page from the lions he was watching on animal planet and soaked in a warm bath for about 20 min. Then he would eat whatever his mother cooked for dinner. Go to sleep, wake up and do it all over again. Gaining weight was a job. It's not easy for everyone. Obviously this was done over a summer. The guy said he gained upwards of 30 lbs and his strength flew up. Think about it

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