I think there might have been another thread about Thanksgiving, but how about one strictly for venting or advice-seeking for how to handle today?

Allow me to start! Ha!

I'm at my girlfriend's for the holiday, and her family knows about my eating habits, but I have buckled down the last few months. Her sister was asking me questions about it, SEEMINGLY semi-genuine. However, due to past experience, I was suspicious. Most people just want to argue and aren't sincerely curious. That seems to be the case here. I usually am not interested in discussing it because of past bad experience. But somehow I got sucked in this time.

The most contentious point, though there were quite a few, was grains. It's like as soon as people say "whole grains" this feeling of warm fuzziness washes over them. I raised the valid objections to grain as a healthy food, and noone had a counterargument except to get all upset. I am usually calm, but when people start getting slightly demeaning and irrational, I start to get a little angry. I'm just like, can ANYONE tell me something GOOD about grains above and beyond what you can get from another food source? And they are just like, well lots of people say it's good, which is of course a mindless response. Unfortunately, though the paleo/primal movement is growing, many are completely unaware of the latest nutritional and scientific developments and how utterly flawed the conventional wisdom is.

Then another sister said the classic just eat less and exercise more - so overly simplistic. And then said I sounded like bulimic friends of hers. Which I said was totally stupid. I eat PLENTY of food. I used to be over 200 pounds and am now 165. But I'm still at like 16% BF and trying to get lower. I just want to be healthy and now I understand how much I hurt my body in my past and am trying to make up for it.

Anyway, people's ignorance astounds me sometimes. And going with that, the inability of people to just say, "I don't know the answer." If I have been told something is true but am questioned on it, I'll readily admit, you know, I don't actually KNOW. That's how you grow and learn. However most people don't want to admit that. Ugh.