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Thread: I am training for UFC - BUT NEED ADVICE URGENT -

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    I am training for UFC - BUT NEED ADVICE URGENT -

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    Hey Guys - before i start let me just say i really appreciate any response -

    I am training for my first cage fight.

    I have been training in a way to make my body explosive - examples:

    1 - Squat down whilst holding a sandbag in arms, jump up and throw out sandbag, repeat 10 times.
    2 - Stand with a sandbag on the floor, explosively launch the sandbag over my head, repeat 10 times.
    3 - Do a pushup, but make it so that I launch up off the floor and move 1 hand forward 1 hand backwords, repeat 30 times.

    I do various excercises all similar to the above, I thought i was doing just fine, i feel strong and explosive... but then I read the following article:

    Why You Should Lift and Lower Heavy Things | Mark's Daily Apple

    This made me think - maybe I am wrong to keep launching the sandbag... I thought that launching the sandbag like a chest press launch would be great for explosive power... but am I right in thinking this article suggests I may actually be more explosive to just do a standard chest press with the sandbag... slowly down and quickly up.

    However I always feel like I am limiting my bodies explosive capabilites do simply do a chest press as opposed to launching the sandbag away?

    What are your thoughts?


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    Designing programmes for MMA is always tricky as fighters as have different styles (I don't mean martial art styles) and therefore need varying degrees of programming. On the whole, power is a more useful attribute for MMA so you're heading along the right lines with your throwing drills. But power is a combination of both strength and speed so both attributes also need to be considered.

    I have a free sandbag training for mma guide here:

    Free Stuff – Sandbag Fitness

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