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Thread: Tae Bo Primal?

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    Tae Bo Primal?

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    I have a few tae bo dvds ive had sitting around for some time now, I got them at a used book store. They are the "Boot Camp Workout" series. These too much cardio? They look fun and interesting.
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    Useless cardio from what I recall. You can benefit from cardio boxing/kickboxing, but it has to be way more intense and shorter than Tae Bo.
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    If your plan is a super workout system for reshaping your body, I don't know what to tell you. Different things for different people. Depends on what interests you.

    If you just want to be fit and able to do the chores that come up in your life, even Richard Simmons is Primal. Just move and keep moving until you sleep. Then get up and move some more.

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