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    I did a really hard workout and my muscles were craving some protein. Went to the store and found some good quality protein (I didn't have time to cook or go find something primal before I had to be at work). Then I went to get some milk to mix it with. I thought the milk said 11 grams sugar and 12g carbs in the entire was a serving. And there's two servings in the bottle.

    So I just consumed 22 grams of sugar and 24 carbs. FML.

    That's the only sugar/carbs I've had thus far today besides 7 carbs that were in a salad and 2 or 3 in eggs this morning...but that's probably going to be a big insulin spike. I'm pissed.

    No carbs or sugar at dinner I guess.

    How much do you think this will derail my day or is it not a big deal? I'm just going to mix the protein with water next time. I only drink the protein after really hard/long workouts which isn't very often. I'm trying to stay very low carb as I'm in weight loss mode.

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    Not a big deal at all. Just move on, and put it behind you. Lesson learned.
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    What is really going to derail your day are all the stress hormones precipitated by caring about (god forbid) <50 grams of carbs in a meal. If you really did have a hard workout than don't worry about it.

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    I agree with mstrudle...22g of carbs, especially after a tough workout is fine for one day. Worrying about it is going to derail you more than anything.

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    I started noticing that "2.5 servings per container" crap years ago. Who the Eff drinks .5 of a bottle of anything? Those dirty butt bastards are always pulling this crap.


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    You'll be absolutely fine, especially after a hard workout. If you are going to eat significant carbs, then that's the time to do it. Keep your carbs under 100 grams on most days. What are your fitness goals, etc?

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    Yeah. Post-workout is the best time for both carbs and dairy. You'll be fine.
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    Im gonna be honest and say the opposite, it did you more good than bad. Manipulating insulin and glucose for a minor surge post workout will help you build muscle, not fat.

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    That's one that keeps me from trying to calculate my caloric intake. When I make a BAS out of a bunch of different healthy stuff out of my fridge it's a bear to figure how much of all the different things any more precise than a WAG. I guess that's a good thing. With weighing and measuring myself every day there's no need to do the same to my food if it's working. (yeah, I need to quit that, I know)

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