I have been on Primal for over two weeks now, very focused on keeping carbs around 50 g for the past week now. Have done a few IF's. Exercise is Primal. Getting a decent amount of fat in.

Been very fatigued this week and my mood very low. I am finding that my face is puffy, my sinuses flared up, I am very tired especially in the afternoon and very thirsty all of the time. At first I felt like I was more defined, but now its seems not so.

Did anyone experience low carb flu symptoms like this? Did anyone puff up a little in the beginning?

My diet pre-primal was not the SAD. My exercise was walking and interval training. The only thing I was eating that could contribute to weight was milk chocolate ...daily .. or most days.

I would have thought just cutting that out for three weeks I would see a drastic change. But I haven't. I weigh about 67kg, the last time I had a body fat test I was 26%.

In the past when I eat salads, I tend to bloat and gain water. I have been eating lots of salads as its easier to prepare. I would hate not to be able to eat raw food.

I am really at a loss here. Any ideas? I am starting to feel demotivated and the carrot cake at the coffee shop looks more and more enticing (I never enjoyed cake before!) ... seeing that Im not seeing results.

If I had energy, a clear head, better mood ... it would be easier to stick to this even without fat loss. But thats not happening either.