OK, I have spent most of my day revising and looking for good foods. I bought a food processor. My plan is to put these foods in the food processor raw and let that cut them up finely, then transfer to a pan with some olive oil and add some meat (chicken breast/turkey breast/minced beef). This will be a very large pot. First I am focusing on the vegetables. I have come up with the following vegetables to add to my food processor, then saute with some olive oil and passata, then into the pot.

A concern I have is a lack of carbs on the diet, but I believe that is ok? The thing is, I am 6'5 and weigh close to 240 pounds (i could do with getting down to 200 pounds, I eat shit at the moment).

So here we go... I have put the amount of carbs beside the item

200g MUSHROOMS 6g carbs
200g ARTICHOKE 34g carbs
100g ZUCCHINI 3g carbs
100g ONIONS 3g carbs
200g RADISH 6g carbs
200g CUCUMBER 4g carbs
100g ASPARAGUS 4g carbs
30g GARLIC 10g carbs
4g CINNAMON 3g carbs
4g TURMERIC 2g carbs
4g OREGANO 4g carbs
4g PAPRIKA 3g carbs
400ml Passata Sauce (ground tomatoes)

This comes to a total of round about 80g carbs.

It's obviously full of vitamins and minerals. Couple this with some chicken/turkey/beef and oily fish like salmon and I am surely on the right track to optimum health? Should I add more grams of certain vegetables here. On other days I will mix up the vegetables by adding things like brussel sprout/broccoli/cauliflower etc. This is just a typical day.