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Thread: Eating More Vegetables than a Vegetarian.

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    5 radishes
    1 tomato
    1/2 pepper
    1 cup mixed greens
    2-3 cups of chopped fresh cabbage
    Might throw in onion in fish soup
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    200g celeriac
    50g swede
    1 carrot
    250g squash
    4 leaves of savoy cabbage
    2/3 of a bushel of fresh spinach
    And I'll be having a banana or an apple later.
    That's a bit more representative of my average day.

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    Additionally. "Veg" in my shopping today:
    -1kg carrots
    -500g parnsips
    -1 swede
    -1 cucumber
    -1kg bananas
    That means my drawer has that AND
    -1kg squash
    -400g celeriac
    -2/3 savoy cabbage
    -1 bushel spinach
    And my fruitbowl has:
    -three granny smiths
    -1 persimmon
    -2 clementines
    -800g of dried dates (unsweetened)

    I wonder what most vegetarian's "vegetable" stock-ups look like...
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    Mushrooms aren't a veggie? Dammit... well, let's see... *flips open food log* Romaine lettuce, avocado, yellow bell pepper and cucumber. Also quite a lot of tomatoes and onions with the pork ribs at night. Could have been better.

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    You know, if I was a vegan, I'd be eating plenty of vegetables (including mushrooms, regardless of botanical designation), starchy roots and tubers, olive and coconut oils and the (healthy) like, and rice and beans for protein. That sounds much better that rancid flour and soy Franken-foods.

    And why is tea "invalid"?
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    Typical day of food:

    B: 1portion leafy vegetables with bacon or eggs
    L: BAS ( 4 kinds of veg) + meat or fritatta (with veg in it)
    D: Stew - meat, bone broth, 3 kinds of veg, seasoning

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    Celebrated Thanksgiving today, but stayed home with my son instead of spending the day with family, so I didn't have to eat the traditional carb-laden meal. Instead, my menu included the following dishes as sides to the obligatory turkey (local, pastured, fresh and so much better than the CAFO turkey purchased at a store):

    Mashed cauliflower and turnip
    Pan roasted brussels sprouts with bacon
    Sausage and mushroom dressing (no bread, of course)
    Roasted yams drizzled with butter and maple syrup
    Cranberry waldorf salad, which was made with dried apricots, grapes, apple and whipped coconut cream

    I have to say it was all delicious and it didn't cause us to fall into a food-induced coma afterwards because it was all Primal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paleo-bunny View Post
    Your post fails to identify why most vegetarians are not true vegetarians.
    My post stands: No further explanation required. If you are close to any vegetarians you'll understand exactly what my post means.
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    When I started Primal/paleo I was all about the MEAT. Now I better understand the gatherer part of hunter gatherer. Especially after watching Dr. Terry Wahls TED talk on youtube .
    She says 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies a day. I donít like to cook, nor am I good at it. So Iíve been putting my vitamix to work. I make a green smoothie 4-5 times a week with these ingredients. It fills about 2x32 oz mason jars. I drink one right away, put the other in the fridge. Then eat a protein heavy meal midday and the other smoothie for my third meal. This works well for my shift work schedule, and I notice a difference in brain fog and general wellbeing if I skip a couple of days.

    Fruit and vegies
    3-5 stalks of kale stem and leaves
    1 large carrot
    1 large stalk celery
    2 leaves of napa cabbage
    1-2 Handfuls of spinach or 3-4 chard stem and leaves
    Small bunch of parsley or cilantro
    1/2-1 apple
    1/2-1 pear
    1/ 3 frozen banana
    3-5 frozen strawberries
    5-8 frozen raspberries
    5-8 frozen blackberries
    Ĺ-1 cup blueberries
    Sometimes 5-10 cranberries
    Sometimes 2-4 chunks of frozen mango

    NON fruit/veg adds
    1 cup plain coconut milk
    1/2 cup plain coconut kefir, or coconut yogurt
    2 tbsp. chia seeds
    1 tsp. cacao nibs (any more and I canít sleep)
    1-2scoops GNC amp strawberry whey (20-40mg protein)
    4 brazil nuts
    8 macadamia nuts
    1 oz. homemade spirulina(10g), chlorella (5g), berry, mushroom, root, and herb powder mix
    Stevia to taste 0-3 packets

    I have been trying to expand/exchange/rotate in some new greens and vegies. Any suggestions? Beets?

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    I like to use sweet bell peppers (red/yellow/orange, not green) in my smoothies. Fennel is also excellent, it will impart a slight anise (licorice) flavor, and you can use the stalks and fronds as well as the bulb. Cucumber makes it refreshing, I like to use the seedless variety. Zucchini will actually make it a little creamy in texture. With all the fruit you have in there I wouldn't add the beets, since they're high in sugar.

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