OK, let's see how much veg we can get in!
You can either use this to boast or (if you're none too fond of plant matter) to keep track of how much veg you're getting in.

Valid "vegetables":
-whole fruit
-whole leafy veg
-whole "fruit" veg (pumpkins, courgettes, peppers...)
-whole root veg
-whole tubers
-dried fruit
-frozen veg (anything that's just chopped and flash-frozen, no more processed)
-fresh leaf herbs (a handful or more)

Not valid "vegetables":
-nuts (coconut included)
-processed stuff (purees, compotes...)
-beef "that ate grass"
-brews (tea)
-brews (alcoholic)
-herbs and spices in small amounts

You can either say what you had today or what you had in a specific meal.

Mine today is:
100g celeriac
150g broccoli
200g seasonal squash
200g swede
a handful of dates
a banana
(not as good as usual, but I had steak and eggs for breakfast )