I would really like a pull up bar. I currently do my pull ups at a playground near my house. It means my workout takes twice as long and I can't really do circuits etc.
The issue is I live in a wheelchair accessible apartment. The doorways are all very wide and have sliding pocket doors. So there is not a door frame. I have tried several different pull up bars but none of them will work because of either the door width or the lack of frame to drill in to.
Does anyone have any other ideas of how I could do pull ups in my apartment? I am in Canada and playground workouts are not much fun in the winter.
Is there a pull up bar out there that attaches to the top of the actual door? I could use it on our balcony door perhaps?
I love pull ups and think they are an important part of my BWW routine but I frequently skip them because of the inconvienence or lack of time to go to the playground.