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Thread: Weight Loss Rut

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    Quote Originally Posted by mauler5858 View Post
    Can any of you see any gaping holes in my list up top that I might can address to help fix this?
    The hole is in your head, dude! 10 pounds in a month...that's not bad at all. Keep on keepin' on. You'll get there. Good advice from everyone.

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    I was in your same shoes once. I was 28 and 290+ pounds. I'm now down to 240 one year later. What I can say for myself is for whatever reason, Alcohol and Nuts always seemed to deter my weight loss. I'd ditch both and replace with protein & veggies. I would also make sure you're lifting weights and sprinting once a week. It's amazing how easy the weight falls off when doing that just once. I'd also go for fattier meats as they are more satiating rather than chicken breast. Go for grass fed ground beef for burgers or something similar. When I eat low fat meats, I tend to be hungry all of the time and over indulge in calories and snacks.

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    Chocolate stalls me out. I would ditch the snacks and track all of your food for a week or so and make sure that you are hitting your macro needs
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    Regarding the IF, I have been curious about this. Is it possible to IF a 1/2 day and still get desired results? I have always thought of fasting as a full day or more w/out food and only water. Always seemed pretty daunting to me so haven't tried it, but a 1/2 day could be a good place to start...if it's even worth it? <shrug>

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    I think it is the snacks, the carbs, and the alcohol/chocolate.

    Skip snacking. 2-3 meals a day, no snacking. Think about lowering your carb intake. Looks like you get a lot of them, albeit from good sources. Some need to lower them more to see good results. Alcohol and chocolate might be worth ditching to see how it affects things.

    I think bacon is fine. I eat bacon every day and have lost weight.

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    It can be easy to overeat a few handfuls of almonds. That's a potential 500+ calories a day if you're just eyeballing it. Skip the ranch, especially if you're buying the packaged hidden valley stuff packed with chemicals, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by otzi View Post
    The hole is in your head, dude! 10 pounds in a month...that's not bad at all. Keep on keepin' on. You'll get there. Good advice from everyone.
    Sometimes when you lose weight quickly (10 lbs in 2 weeks is a lot) your body needs some time to adjust... be patient and let your body adjust along with the other advice you'll be on your way.

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