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Thread: anyone out there have a nut-free cookie recipe?

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    I still bake gluten free, so there is some grain involved...but this flour combo is excellent!
    1 part brown rice flour
    1 part sweet rice flour
    1 part tapioca starch
    1 part millet flour
    can sub cup for cup for wheat flour in a recipe. Add in some xantham gum (1/2 tsp. per cup of GF flour), especially if your recipe is low in eggs
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamie Madrox View Post
    I make these a lot(i forgot where i originally got the recipe so i cant credit them but bravo to whoever)

    3 tbsp coco flour
    2 tbsp butter
    1 tbsp honey

    mix all together drop by balls onto baking sheet and flatten out bake 365 until the edges brown. kind of like shortbread cookies and they are fantastic. i usually dont divide it up and just make one giant cookie
    really hits the spot if you make 2 big ones then make a sandwich with them filled with coconut whipped cream.
    Melted butter, softened? Does it matter?

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