I'm sure this has been covered before, so apologies for covering old ground, but a quick search didn't unearth much of relevance.

I hear lots of talking about getting enough sleep and the importance of doing so, however as someone who sleeps badly and has done for years, it irks me slightly when the answer to so many questions is "get more sleep". Oh wouldn't I love to...if only it was that easy.

I average around 6 hours solid sleep a night. I'm in bed by 10pm, completely dark room, earplugs, no tv etc in the bedroom.

I've tried pretty much everything - magnesium supplementation, inositol, carbs before bed, melatonin, you name it - but I still wake up around 4am every morning.

I manage fine on the sleep I get, but it clearly isn't enough and I know I could be feeling better if I got more sleep.

So, how can I stop myself from waking up at 4am every morning? All constructive suggestions appreciated.