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    Once you reached your goals did you stop fasting?

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    Over the past couple of years I have really enjoyed fasting and the benefits it has brought including weight/fat loss. Now that I am fairly happy with my current weight, I am training quite a bit and loving it. 2 weight training sessions a week and a metcon session a week.

    I am however finding it very hard to fast in the morning now, even with bulletproof coffee, which has helped over the past couple of months.

    I wonder if it is my body just telling me that I probably need to start eating a decent breakfast now, particularly the day after training?

    anyone else have a similar experience of using fasting to help reach your goals and then finding it hard to continue fasting once your there?
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    I have been fasting my entire life without knowing it because even as a child I only ate 1-2 large meals a day. I do it naturally so yes I do continue fasting as I've reached my goal.
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    Fasting is about so much MORE than JUST weightloss. I wish people would realize that.

    I have stopped fasting for the specific goal of losing weight, yes, but I still fast for many other reasons, the primary of which is engaging autophagy to "clean house" if you will. I almost feel a bit "under the weather" if I don't get at least one decent fast in per week.

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    It's possible that you just aren't eating enough during the times when you do eat. I'd recommend adjusting that first. If it doesn't work, why don't you try eating breakfast and see how it affects you?

    As Drumroll mentioned, there are other reasons to fast though. Personally, I did a 16/8 split for a while and experimented with an early breakfast for a few days earlier this month. I was sluggish, miserable, and in a mental fog all day. So I'm back to the 16/8 schedule even though I'm trying to gain weight.

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    I stopped fasting at one point because I got too cold. Recently I stopped fasting because I got hungry. I find that fasting works well for me if I eat too much the day before. You might be able to call it fasting that I go to the gym early in the morning before breakfast, in which case I do that 3x a week. But I don't really consider it fasting so much as doing stuff when I otherwise would be sleeping.
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    I go in spurts, but once I reach goal, I will still fast for autophagy purposes. How long who knows.

    I did save this guideline:
    One 24-hours fast a week or one 3-day fast every month
    Four 7-10 day fast once a season SPRING SUMMER FALL WINTER.
    Healers- 21- 30 day fast once a year. Long fasting is great to rid the body of cancer, tumors and cyst; however, I do not recommend long fasting without the supervision of a fasting specialist.

    I landed on this page somehow or another, and saved that schedule from here Fasting
    65lbs gone and counting!!

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    I lost the weight fairly quickly using alternate day fasting to start with which morphed into low carb, minimal wheat ADF. Then work became more stressful so I decided to forgo fasting. In reality some meals do get missed but my weight has remained constant without strict fasting so I'm happy.

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    i fast sometimes, but i tend to skip lunch or dinner, not breakfast. i fucking love breakfast, i'm not skipping that!

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    I've been using the leangains fast approach for two and a half years now and I've had a single digit body fat percentage for just over two years now. I'll quit when I'm taking a dirt nap with the accompanying eternal fast.

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    We reached oru goals and started fasting. And we continue to fast. It's nice.

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