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    Carrots- Primal Snack?

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    Are baby carrots a good primal snack?

    They are portable, cheap, and tasty. How much is too much?

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    Unless you're going VLC for fast fat loss, dealing with diabetes, or somesuch, carrots are fine. Best if dipped in fat. I'd say a cup a day or so is plenty for most people.

    You'll get other opinions, guaranteed. But I'm with Melissa Urban on this one.
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    That's a great post about carrots!!!

    On a related note--next month I'm going to one of the Whole9 workshops and I'm SO EXCITED!!!
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    Why spend the extra money on baby carrots? They're not immature carrots; they're carrots that are lathed down to a "cuter" size. Regardless of that though; they're delicious and I typically eat several pounds a week.

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    I love carrots. Baby carrots are pretty cheap at my grocery. Only 99 cents for a bag, but I've been buying the bigger bags of whole carrots lately.

    Only issue I ever had with carrots is when I was eating them every single day, and I took on a yellow-ish hue. I didn't realize it until my sister pointed it out in photos. Not to worry, I suspect my yellowness came about as a hypothyroid thing, and the inability to process the beta carotene. You shouldn't turn yellow, I'm sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Renata View Post
    You shouldn't turn yellow, I'm sure.
    Long ago I had a roommate who ate a LOT of carrots while dieting, much to the exclusion of fat and protein. She definitely turned yellowish-orangy. Granted she was a fair skinned redhead, but there was most certainly a colour change, which resolved once she laid off the carrots!!

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    True baby carrots are different to 'normal' carrots. My parents used to grow baby carrots and we pulled them out of the ground, washed them under the tap (which came from the dam) to get the dirt off and ate them. You don't peel them obviously and they taste 'sweeter' than other carrots. I have never seen any genuine baby carrots for sale where I am though.

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