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Thread: Best time to work out - morning, midday, or night?

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    I think the best time for work out is night time.. it is the best time to do any type of work without any disturb and you can complete your desire work in the time.

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    I like to work out right after work. Usually I am completely numb to the world at the end of the day as a result of sitting on my ass for 8 hours in a sunless airless prison. Working out gets the blood going along with some endorphins, wakes me up and makes the evening mine.

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    6am workouts for me. no excuses for being tired. starts my day off great.
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    I usually find I'm pretty spent in the afternoons, plus I prefer working out on an empty stomach so I work out at 6am. It means by the time i jump out of bed, throw on my clothes and drive to the training studio/beach, I don't have time to really make any excuses until I'm there doing my warm-up. And it puts me in a better mood for the rest of the day, especially knowing it's out of the way and I can spend my evening doing what i want.

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    I run for 45min. to an hour on an empty stomach in the late morning when I'm fully awake. Then If I have the time and inclination I do some core/strength training later in the day. Some times as late as after dinner or just before bed time.

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    Evenings for me. That helps me sleep well and contented.
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    If you can do either and are looking to optimize, then check out some of the theories set out at Morning and evening have different benefits that you can use to your advantage.

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