Ok, so we all complain there's not enough time in the day right?

I currently struggle with the fact that if i want to work out i have to either get up @ 4am or wait till 8pm.

Both equally horrible times for me.

So my solution is a 30(ish) minute lunch work out.

Thankfully we have an abandoned room in our building that some folks have donated some used equipment.

Today i did:
Set 1
10-15 pushups
30 ball crunches
40 supination curls (20lb dbells)
Repeat 3 times

Set 2
12 step ups each leg (last set with 20 lb dumbell)
15 chest fly on ball (20lb)
40 Hammer curls (20lb)
Repeat 3 times

Set 3
30 supermans
Plank 20secs
repeat 3 times

5 min cool down walk on treadmill

32 minutes

Im planning on doing a similar weight routine every other day 3 times a week with 30 minute walk on opposite days. I cant really run anymore since i have meniscus tears in both knees. Best i can do is 3.8 mph walk at incline with an occasional job, but when i do that i pay dearly the next day.

I hate having to put clothes back on when im all sweaty. reminds me of high school gym class and not having enough time to take a shower, but i guess its a small price to pay to be able to fit a work out in!!!!

Any advice or critique is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!