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Thread: Looking for a green bean recipe for Thanksgiving

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    I'm doing a classic green bean casserole because it's just not Thanksgiving for me without it. I am however using a gluten-free flour and making french fried onions myself, and rather than Campbell's condensed cream of mushroom, I'm using Pacific Foods', which is gluten-free.

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    Your recipe was phenomenal! Everyone loved it. The crisped shallots added so much to the taste and texture. I did feel the cream was a little too liquid (doe you thicken up?) and will try to thicken it up more (maybe with arrowroot or more boiling) before baking. Thank you so much for sharing! I think I might make this again next week.

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    Pomegranate, the last time I made it, I think I used less chicken bone broth and cream than called for. (I didn't make it this year, so it's been awhile.) I tend to be a free-style type cook and I don't measure exactly a lot of the time. And, erhm, I think I added a little white wine when cooking the sauce, which tends to reduce any kind of sauce.

    The next time you make it, experiment, now that you know what it's like when you follow the recipe. An easy way to thicken would be to add a little potato starch to the sauce, which shouldn't change the overall flavor. The arrowroot would work, too!

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