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Thread: Protein & strength training

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    ...My progress on upper body stuff has also been very slow. But it's been progress and that is all that matters. In 4+ weeks I have gone from 30lb bench press to 65lbs. I remember when I couldn't even rack the last rep at 55lbs and now that's a warmup rep. I recently ordered some of those big washers so I can make smaller jumps on the upper body stuff. They came yesterday.
    This is slow? I think this it is fantastic to more than double your bench press in a month! While I can leg press 450 pounds for 6 good reps, I can't do an overhead-press with a 22 pound KB with my left arm (I can with my right), and I can only push press an unweighted 35-lb BB. I know that it isn't about the weight, it is about the effort but I've been trying to build upper body strength for quite some time. As women we do tend to gain lower body strength more easily than upper.

    I really want to be able to do good overhead and front squats, but I need more strength to be able to do that - plus there are a couple of gravel road (mountain bike) races I want to do next year where increased upper body strength can only help. My core is strong, I am just a weak sister where my arms are concerned and it is frustrating. Patience and consistence, that is what I keep telling myself, patience and consistence and listen to the expert I've hired to help me
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