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Thread: Professor of Anthropology, Nathaniel Dominy speaks on diet

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    Professor of Anthropology, Nathaniel Dominy speaks on diet

    I posted this video a while back but I still think about what he has to say as he represents of group of anthropologists who believe we are evolved to eat more starches than the paleo community believes. He believes starches were the major component of the last 2+ million years of human evolution.This video was shot last year at a presentation by vegan advocate John McDougall. Dominy says we are designed to be starch eaters and supports McDougall's heavy leaning to high carb intake. There has been quite a rift in the paleo/ancesteral health community the last couple of years also. At one end are low carb advocates like Rosedale, Shannahan, Moore etc. The other end of the spectrum advocating more carbs are Kresser, Jaminet ,Guyunet etc. Even Robb Wolf seems to have swung over to eat more carbs if I read him correctly.

    I still follow Mark's routine as it works for me...but I often wonder because even in the meat eating community (little or no grains/legumes) there are so many different opinions.

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    READ THE BOOK! Robb Wolf says: "Trying to convince people to save their own ass will burn you out."

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    and yes, calories DO count my little piggies

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