Hi all---

I've been going Primal since mid September and have been very pleased so far with the results (more, even energy, better teeth/skin/hair, etc). I do have a few questions I'd like to pose...

For one, I am deathly allergic to fish. Any fish, and any sea creature, which pretty much makes sea vegetation and sea food out of the question. On a few occasions I've had sea salt, my lips swell up. I've read about taking certain kinds of fish oil, but that's obviously out of the question. Should I be supplementing with Omega 3's? I currently take Flax Oil, and have been for almost 2 years with no real noticeable problems.

Secondly: HOW DO I FINALLY DROP THE LAST PIECES OF NON-PRIMAL FOOD?? In all honesty, I used to live on 3-4 cans of soda per day, doughnuts, and pre-made stuff. My idea of a "good" meal was a double cheeseburger and fries with organic ketchup I've ditched fast food and soda and cookies and doughnuts...any "goodies" I want is made here at home with organic, primal friendly ingredients (NO grains, NO sugars). My biggest downfall of late is organic peanut butter...I could eat it by the jar, no fooling. Before I gave up sugar, PB was kind of an "eh, it's good but not to die for". (There is no sugar in the peanut butter I buy....peanuts, oil, and salt). However, I would like to drop some body fat and I know that spoonfuls of nut butters per day can't be helping (to say the least....)

I get all my meat and eggs from a local farmer...all grass fed beef, chicken, turkey, and the best damned bacon and sausages on the planet. (Imagine! A pack of sausages without an ingredients list that's 2 miles long!) We also own a cow share, so we do get raw milk (about 1 gallon per 2 weeks). When I run out, I wait...I don't buy from the grocery store. I've cut back on fruits (though not cut them out 100%), and I stick to berries and apples. I've cut back on sweet potatoes, from daily (heh) to about once or twice a week. I've hated vegetables with a passion since my childhood but have learned to like zucchini, squashes, peppers, and big ass salads...

Also, since sea food and sea vegetation is out of the question, should I be eating more than pork/bacon, chicken, turkey, and beef?

Any ideas to curtail the peanut butter binge monster and/or any suggestions on the Omega 3 supplementation (if needed) would be appreciated Thanks!